Here you can find out more about Parkside Elementary School, home of the Pandas!

My School
Parkside Elementary School is one of three elementary schools part of Lakeland School Corporation. We are located in north eastern Indiana in the town of LaGrange which has a population just over 2,500. At Parkside, we educate over 500 students daily in grades Kindergarten through Fifth. We currently have 20 classroom teachers and a wealth of other certified and classified staff to support our students and meet their needs academically, emotionally, and socially. Lakeland School Corporation and Parkside Elementary School will educate and prepare ALL students for career and life success!
My Classroom
For 4 years, I was the ENL (English as a New Language) teacher at Parkside where I served students whose first or native language is a language other than English. I have since moved into my own 3rd grade classroom where the opportunities
for learning and growth are endless, 
for me as an educator, as well as for my students! During the nine months I was privileged to spend with my class, we became a family. We learned together, struggled together, and supported each other. Just like any family, we had fun together while we were learning. Some of our favorite projects from the past year include STEM building challenges, persuasive speeches, and Dogapalooza research showcase.
My Students
The class picture above should give you a glimpse at all the unique personalities of the students in my class. Each student adds to our classroom community. Equally important, each student was able to teach our class something this year. These students also possess a variety of academic skills and require varying degrees of instructional intervention and support. Because of this variety, my students are the most challenging and most rewarding part of my job! There is never a dull moment and I find that I learn a great deal from my students each and everyday.

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